What Is The Geographical Location Of North Cyprus?

With Nicosia as the Capital City, North Cyprus is surrounded by Turkey 70 km away to the north, Syria 102 km away and Lebanon 165 km away to the east, Israel 233 km away to south-east, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, and Egypt 347 km away to the south, and Greece 835 km away to the north-west.

What are the Surface Area and Population of Cyprus?

Surface Area of TRNC is 3242 km² and population is 350 thousand in 2019.

How is the Climate in Cyprus?

Climate of Cyprus is Mediterranean climate. Summers are long and hot (about 40 Celsius); winters are short, mild and rainy. It has a yearly precipitation average of 500 mm. Sea water is mild along the year, and sea water has an average temperature of 16 Celsius during winter.

What Languages are spoken in Cyprus?

Language of Cyprus is Turkish, with a slight accent variations.  As the second language, English is very popular.

What is the Currency Unit of Cyprus?

The Official Currency Unit of Cyprus is Turkish Lira since 2005.

Symbol: TRY

Bills: TRY 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5

Kurush: TRY 1, 50, 25, 10 Kurush (kr.)

What is the Time Zone of North Cyprus?

Local Time of North Cyprus is 3 hours ahead of the Greenwich Time. (GMT+3)

Is Domestic Animals allowed to bring in North Cyprus?

It is permitted to bring domestic animals to Cyprus from abroad. It will be of benefit to contact a veterinary office to learn if the permission process of your domestic animal will result in positively, please find the contact details below:

Kyrenia Animal Rescue Society (KARS)

KARS Help Line/Fax: (0) 392 815 3390

Website: http://www.kartrnc.org

E-Mail: kar@kyreniaanimalrescue.org

How can I come to North Cyprus?

Air and sea ways are the only ways to access the North Cyprus. It is possible to access the island just in 1.5 hours, avg., using many airlines from Turkey; there are also scheduled boat trips to Famagusta and Kyrenia taking approx. 3 hours. There are also flights from Europe and UK to Ercan Airport and to Larnaca Airport in the South Cyprus. It is possible to rent a car, or arrange a transfer from Larnaca Airport to North Cyprus.

How can I cross borders of Cyprus?

Thanks to the abolishment of the border crossing restrictions for European citizens in 2003, European citizens can cross the border at any time of the day and spend time as much longer as they like in any sides of the border. Currently there are 7 barricades that can be used for crossing; of them, Ledra Palace and Lokmacı barricades in Nicosia can be used for crossing on walk; the barricades that can be crossed in a car are Metehan (Kermia) in Nicosia, Beyarmudu (Pile) next to British bases in Dikelya, Akyar on the Famagusta-Larnaca road in Famagusta, Bostancı near the Güzelyurt, and Yeşilırmak, west to the Lefke.

How Banking and Exchange Transactions handled in Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, banks are open 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday. In North Cyprus, it is possible to convert all currency units to Turkish Lira. Eurochecks, traveler cheques, and foreign currencies are accepted and converted by Exchange Offices and Banks. Exchange rates being satisfactory for the foreign visitors will enable visitors to meet their needs such as food, accommodation and shopping easily. There are ATMs in many points, and most credit cards are accepted for hotel, supermarket, and etc. payments.

Is there any Public Transportation in North Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, public transportation is widespread, and the popular one is the shared taxis. There are shared taxis between Kyrenia and Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta, Famagusta and Nicosia. Being frequent during the day, city transportation is less frequent after 7:00 PM, and even more infrequent during weekends.

Since there is no public transportation to South Cyprus, it is necessary to hire a taxi or rent a car to travel to the South.  Likewise, there is no public transportation in the historical sites and rental car is recommended. If you want us, as Akol Group, to help you rent a car, you can contact us at any time.

Can I Rent a Car in Cyprus?

Those who hold UK driving licenses or a valid international license may drive cars themselves for the first 12 months. You can cross the border by renting a car after landing on the Larnaca Airport in South Cyprus, however you need to pay insurance at the border. In Cyprus, rental cars are less expensive than other countries, and tour organizers, hotels, rental car firms can help you. If you want us, as Akol Group, to help you rent a car, you can contact us at any time.

What is the Traffic Rules in North Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, traffic flows at the left, and road signs are international. The vehicles brought in North Cyprus must be insured once they entered. Maximum speed limit is 100 km/hr. and seatbelts must always be worn. It is illegal to use your phone while driving and drive under influence of alcohol.

How can I call a Phone Number in Cyprus?

While calling land lines from abroad, you must first type 00 90 392, as international code, followed by the seven-digit phone number. To call mobile phone numbers, just type the code 00 90, then type the mobile number except the first digit which is 0. Mobile numbers generally has prefixes such as 533, 542 or 548. You can purchase call cards from phone booths and telecommunication offices.

What to Eat in Cyprus?

North Cyprus has a wide range of restaurant and cuisine alternatives. You can find in North Cyprus the hotels offering various select menus, traditional Cyprus restaurants, family restaurants, a la carte restaurants offering dine&wine, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and much more...

Where to stay in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus has many options from boutique hotels to holiday villages, from facilities near the beach to the luxury hotels.

What Electrical Voltage and Outlet Type are used in Cyprus?

Power is rated to 220/240V AC, 50Hz, and outlets are generally English-type square three-pins. 

What are the Historical Sites of Cyprus?

You can find the historical sites of Cyprus in the "Historical Sites of Cyprus" under "Life in Cyprus" tab. 

What Activates can I Participate in Cyprus?

You can find the activities that you can participate in Cyprus in the "What to do in Cyprus" section under the "Life in Cyprus" tab.   

What are the Famous Beaches of North Cyprus?

The major beaches of the North Cyprus;

*Golden Beach

Golden Beach;  as one of untouched beaches of the Mediterranean with its crystal blue sea and sandy coast, stretching 2 km along the Karpaz Peninsula, it offers the opportunity to walk by the sea shore and freshen in the crystal blue waters.

*Long Beach

Stretching over 3 km between Famagusta and Boğaz Village, Long Beach is just 10 minutes of driving distance to the Famagusta. It is among the most popular beaches of North Cyprus thanks to its long shore, golden beach and crystal clear sea, and now turned into a place where you can have joyful times thanks to the recently added walkway and bicycle track, playgrounds, and sports equipment for adults. The recreational activities include wind surf, paragliding, and scuba diving. Enhanced every passing day, Long Beach will have new sport courts, cafes, recreational park and an amphitheater in the upcoming periods. Currently, there is a fish restaurant and supermarket next to the coastal strip. 

*Glapsides Beach

Extending for many kilometers along the coastal strip of the Famagusta, the public Glapsides Beach has a crystal-clear sea and snow-white sand. It is also suitable for children thanks to its shallow and calm sea water. Beach offers sunbeds, shower, restaurant, jet ski and pedal boats. DJ, restaurant and bar is always active.

What are the Most Famous Entertainment Venues of Cyprus?

- Night Clubs & Discos in Cyprus

The major night clubs and discos in North Cyprus;

Escape Beach Club: Alsancak

Cage Club: Alsancak

Tango to Buddha: Alsancak

Barcode: Kyrenia

Club 27: Famagusta

Kybele: Famagusta

- Bars & Pubs in Cyprus

The major night bars and pubs in North Cyprus;

Cadı Kazanı Café Bar: Nicosia

Narnia: Nicosia

Paddys Irish Restaurant and Pub: Nicosia

Zephyr: Nicosia

Shamrock: Famagusta

Monks Inn: Famagusta

De Molay: Famagusta

Cream Bar: Kyrenia

Ego Bar: Kyrenia

Tunnel: Kyrenia

Is there any Movie Theaters in North Cyprus?

You can enjoy movies in North Cyprus. In TRNC, movie theaters display and renew new releases every week. All theaters are equipped with modern technology to provide a high quality image and sound. Most theaters are multi-room so as to display different movies simultaneously. There are Lemar and Galleria theaters in Famagusta, Nicosia and Kyrenia.

Is Gambling Legal in Cyprus?

North Cyprus Casinos offers a legal opportunity for you to challenge your luck.  Among major TRNC casinos include Arkın Palm Beach, Artemis, Merit Hotel, Elexus, Nuhun Gemisi and Golden Tulip.

How is the Education in Cyprus?

It is safe to the say that educational level in Cyprus is higher and more quality than Turkey and most European country.  There many school options in Cyprus, for those who want to move in Cyprus along with their family. The number of active Universities in TRNC is 18, which will increase up to 26, when universities starts to admit students, which permit procedures completed in the upcoming periods. There are more than 100 thousand students in TRNC; which has been increasing by 12% to 15% every year.

Contact details of some Cyprus Universities that you may want to contact:

EMU (East Mediterranean University)

E-Mail: info@emu.edu.tr

Phone: 0090392 365 4444

NEU (Near East University)

E-Mail: info@neu.edu.tr

Phone: 0090 392 223 6464

CIU (International Cyprus University)

E-Mail: info@ciu.edu.tr

Phone: 0090392 671 1111

GAU (Kyrenia American University)

E-Mail: info@gau.edu.tr

Phone: 0090392 650 2000

LEU (Lefke European University)

E-Mail: webmaster@lefke.edu.tr

Phone: 0090392 660 2000

Is Living Expensive in Cyprus?

In North Cyprus, a family of 4 will have a monthly regular expenses of £150-£200, which include electricity, phone, water and other expenses. Annual tax is around £80.

What are the Advantages of Living in North Cyprus?

There are many reasons to start in North Cyprus the new life that you have long dreamt of!

- A Peaceful Life

In North Cyprus, you can put an end to stressful and tiresome life in the big cities, and say hello to a peaceful, secure life where you can spare more time for yourself.

-Same Language

Even if it is slightly different accent, North Cyprus also speaks Turkish, and so you do not have to learn a new language.

-Some Currency Unit

You will have no difficulties since North Cyprus also uses TRY as its currency unit.

- An Affordable House

While property prices are very high in other countries, they are even lower in North Cyprus than those in Turkey, and all conveniences are offered for you to own the house you have long dreamt of.

-Always Sun

Having a Mediterranean climate, the North Cyprus has short and mild winters. Thus, you can benefit the positive energy and dynamism thanks to the Sun always smiling at you.

Is there natural gas available in North Cyprus?

There is no natural gas pipeline in TRNC, instead gas cylinders are used. For central heating, an outdoor gas tank is used, which costs £100-£200 per month.

What are the Water Resources in Cyprus?

In TRNC, water is supplied to city houses via city grid. Mains water is generally good as utility water, but not used for drinking. Houses in the countryside are supplied with water from the wells or tankers. Tanker water is used for swimming pools. There will be many new developments in the life of island once water pipeline completed, from Turkey to TRNC.

Are Garbage Collection and Cleaning Services Provided in North Cyprus?

Cleaning service provided bi-weekly is very low cost. There is no recycling in TRNC yet but works will be carried out in the upcoming periods.

Can I Import my Car in North Cyprus?

It is legal to bring vehicles with right-hand steering, younger than 5 age, in North Cyprus. Customs expenses will be based on the motor power, age and weight of the vehicle. Before car import, it is of benefit to consult an authorized agency about the details of your vehicle.

What are the Public Holidays in North Cyprus?

Public Holidays in Cyprus are provided below, and dates of religious holidays vary every year:

New Year: January 1st

Children and Youth Day: April 23rd

Labor Day: May 1st

Youth and Sports Day May 19th

Peace and Freedom Day July 20th

Independence Day: August 30th

Turkish Republic Day: October 29th

North Cyprus Republic Day: November 15th

What are the Cyprus Emergency Phone Numbers?

The most important TRNC emergency phone numbers are provided below:

Ambulance: 112

Police: 155

Fire Brigade: 199

Forest Fire: 177

What are the Phone Numbers of Health Services in North Cyprus?

Find below the phone numbers for use to access the health services in TRNC.

Ambulance: 112

Kyrenia Hospital: +90 392 815 2266

Nicosia Hospital: +90 392 228 5441

Famagusta Hospital: +90 392 366 2876

Güzelyurt Hospital: +90 392 714 2125

What are the Units of Area Measurements in North Cyprus?

At TRNC, for land purchase/sales, frequently used units of measurement are acre, evlek (230 m2) and square foot (ft2), and square meter (m2) equivalent of 1 acre is different. Units of Measurement are as follows;

1 Acre = 4 Evlek (230 m2x4) = 14.400 ft2 = 1.338 m2

1 Evlek (230 m2) = 3600 ft2 = 334,5 m2

1 m2 = 10,76 ft2

How Can I Bring My Household Articles In TRNC?

It is possible to use a boat/ship to bring used articles into North Cyprus from many countries. It takes around 3-6 weeks for a ship to deliver the articles to the North Cyprus.  Any kind of household articles can be brought into the country with tax exemption but for only one time. To bring new articles, it is necessary to pay the taxes as imposed by customs office.


What is the Passport and Visa Procedure in North Cyprus?

No visa is required for citizens of UK and European Union to visit North Cyprus, a valid ID document and passport is sufficient. Once arrived, those who do not want their passport to be stamped, they may request a paper that is equivalent to a passport to be stamped.

If you want to reside in North Cyprus, then a visa is required. Citizens of the UK and European Union automatically obtain a visa valid for 3 months once they enter in the North Cyprus. Then, if you apply for permanent residence, said period can be extended. It will be of benefit to hire a solicitor since visa process is a long and tiring one.

Is Visa Necessary to Reside in North Cyprus?

If you want to reside in North Cyprus, then a visa is required. Citizens of the UK and European Union automatically obtain a visa valid for 3 months once they enter in the North Cyprus. Then, if you apply for permanent residence, said period can be extended. It will be of benefit to hire a solicitor since visa process is a long and tiring one.

What are the Necessary Conditions for Residence and Citizenship in TRNC?

To reside in North Cyprus, an application must be submitted. Once you arrived in Island, you are automatically granted 3-months tourist visa. If the visitor decides to continue his/her holiday or to purchase a property after the expiry date of the visa, then an application must be submitted to Immigration Office in TRNC to obtain temporary residence permit. For naturalization as a citizen of TRNC, you must have been living in TRNC for at least 10 years.

What is Necessary to Obtain Residence Permit?

In TRNC, a foreigner can stay for up to 3 months at the request or the decision of the public authorities without acquiring a permit. If a foreigner owns a property, then he/she can acquire residence permit in TRNC upon application. Non-TRNC citizens must obtain a "Property Purchase Permit" from TRNC State to purchase a property in North Cyprus. It is possible to initiate the permit procedures in North Cyprus with the property purchase document. This process completes within 3 to 6 months.

How can Foreigners Purchase Property in North Cyprus?

The legal system of North Cyprus is same as that of the UK and property purchasing procedures are easy. In North Cyprus, legal documents are issued in English, and there are many recognized solicitors who can speak English and Turkish. Once having decided on purchasing a property, buyer must complete all necessary purchasing procedures. Purchasing procedure completes in a relatively short of 4-6 months, but it is possible to let out or sell the property during the approval stage of the procedure.

Non-TRNC citizens must obtain a "Property Purchase Permit" from TRNC State to purchase a property in North Cyprus. No title-deed transfer can be effected without "Property Purchase Permit". After selecting the property to be purchased and reached an agreement on the price, then a sales contract shall be signed between buyer and seller via a solicitor, which will contain price, time, payment&delivery terms, details of the property. Once the contract is signed by both parties, then sales become effective. Sales contract first must be attested by Tax Office, and after stamp fee of 0.5% of contract price pursuant to current law is paid (within 21 days), it must be registered in the Title Deed Office again within 21 days. As a result, buyer will acquire the legal ownership right of the property. An undertaking that the property sold will not be transferred to the possession or ownership of third parties must be registered by seller in Title Deed Office.

After payment made, purchase permit acquired, then title deed of the property will be registered (renamed) in the name of the buyer. After buyer and sellers fulfill their obligations defined in the sales contract, seller will transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer in the Local Title Deed Office where the property is located. Buyer is obligated to pay the "Title Deed Transfer Fee" of the property he/she purchased. Title Deed Transfer Fee is paid to North Cyprus Title Deed Office during the transfer of the title deed. If it is the first property of buyer, a transfer fee of 3% of the sales price of property purchased with a discount. For everyone who benefits from the discount, rate is 6%.

It is necessary to apply to and acquire purchase permit from Cabinet of Ministries of TRNC to register the property, which has been financially legalized, in the name of the foreigner.

If a foreigner does not own a local company registered in North Cyprus, he/she can purchase maximum 1 house up to 5 acres, or a land up to 1 acre per person in North Cyprus. Married couples are deemed 1 person, however if they have different surnames, they can have opportunity to purchase 2 different properties. If foreigners want to purchase multiple properties or a land larger than 1 acre, then they must use a fiduciary or establish a company in TRNC. A construction permit must be acquired for the construction and/or house located on the said property, no mortgage and/or encumbrance must be available on the property to be purchased, and seller must be the actual landlord.

After permit procedure results positively, it is required to pay Tax Office a yearly fee of TRY 1 to 1.50 per m2 of the property purchased. This sum must be paid yearly for each property registered in the name of the foreigner.

For foreign companies, these procedures differ.

What is the Necessary Documents for Property Purchase in TRNC?

Passport: Necessary to initiate the purchasing procedure.

Security Clearance Certificate: Foreigners must submit State Offices of North Cyprus the security clearance certificate that will be obtained from the Police Services of their home countries. This Document can be in English or Turkish.

What Taxes are Paid for Property Purchase in TRNC?

Stamp Fee: A stamp fee of 0.5% of the sales price indicated in the sales contract must be paid by buyer within 21 days 

 Thus, contract is legalized in terms of finance.

Property Transfer Fee: If it is the first property of buyer, then 3% applies, if not, then the standard 6% applied. Payment for title deed can be made at Title Deed Office during registration of title deed in the name of foreigner or after several months following delivery of the key. These percentages are based on the value assessed by Government for the property, not over the sales price. And, in general, this value is significantly lower than the actual sales price. 

VAT: 5% VAT must be paid by buyer. However, if seller is not a professional, then it will not be paid.

Withholding: Must be paid by seller to Tax Office. This rate is 4.25% for for-profit sellers (contractor) whilst 3.5% for the non-profit sellers (real person landlord).

*Different withholding taxes apply to the transfer by grant; 0.2% must be paid to revenue office for grants from parents to children, 0.4% between spouses, and 0.4% from grandparents to grandchildren.

Is it possible to submit necessary applications for permits before purchasing the property in North Cyprus?

The permit procedures in North Cyprus are initiated with the property purchase document.

What Risks Do I have if I could not obtain Purchase Permit in North Cyprus?

Following the law enacted in 2008, Title Deed Office prevents a house to be rented by or sold to another person and accordingly provides %100 protection to buyer while registering the sales contract in the name of buyer for the citizens who suffer from a delayed purchase process. No later than 21 days following the contract signing, it must be registered in the Title Deed Office.  For this transaction, a stamp fee of 0.5% over sales contract price and a registration fee of TRY 65 shall be paid.

What Is The Course Of Action If Purchase Permit Cannot Be Obtained?

If a purchase permit is cancelled; it is possible to complete the procedures related with the property purchased and manage the property easily by giving a power of attorney to one of closest family members.

How Many Properties can I legally own in North Cyprus?

Those who do not own a local business registered in North Cyprus can personally only have one single property and foreigner's right to purchase is limited with 1 acre.

What is the Construction Servitude in Cyprus?

Flat Ownership and Construction Servitude Law of North Cyprus provides for that a "Construction Servitude Sheet" shall be issued to the buyers who want to buy properties from the constructions which is not yet completed, and even not started but all permits have been obtained and created registry files in the title deed office. After the enactment of the new law which aims at protecting contractor, buyer and the bank, a legal security is provided to the property owners by means of "Construction Servitude Sheet" before issuance of the "Flat Ownership Sheet". The new law, which means a revision of former law and supplement of new articles, also brings changes to the payment method of the buyer. Buyer will secure mortgage loan from the bank by furnishing the building, for which he/she obtained a construction servitude, as a security, and, if necessary, will transfer the money to contractor to complete the construction. Accordingly, contractor is never able to do anything without permission of holders of construction servitude. Contractor cannot establish hypothecate on the land to be used for construction. If chooses to do so, then it cannot sell it to anyone and transfer Construction Servitude Right to anyone. Thus, buyers enjoy a security. Since lands subjected to hypothecate cannot be covered by Construction Servitude Law, it becomes possible to purchase properties without any risk. Law also brings regulations related to the apartment life; making insurance and appointment of an apartment administrators mandatory.

What Is The Difference Between Different Sheets (Title Deeds) In Cyprus?

In TRNC, there is only one sheet, which is called TRNC sheets, but the sheets are divided into three different categories in terms of the origin of the properties.

Properties with Turkish Sheet: They are the properties owned by Cypriot Turkish or non-Greek foreigners before July 20, 1974.  These sheets are recognized as legal by international states and Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus. 

Properties with Equivalent Sheet: The properties owned by Greeks before 1974, but given to Cypriot Turkish Immigrants from South after 1974 with equivalent scores corresponding to their properties in South Cyprus.  The validity of these sheets is recognized according to international laws, subject to various conditions.

Properties with Allocation Sheet: The properties owned by Greeks before 1974, but let out by TRNC Government, after 1974, to third parties and then given to such parties.

What are the types of Mortgage in Cyprus?

Fixed-Interest Mortgage: The interest that is declared during mortgage purchase remains constant until the end of the maturity date and the monthly payments are fixed.  The payment plan is fixed at the outset and remains as is until the maturity date.  Fixed-Interest Mortgage has an installment plan up to 120 months, however some banks may offer installments up to 180 - 240 months.   There are some banks which give mortgage for 100% of value of a property, but in general mortgage is given up to 70% to 75% of the value of the property to be purchased.

Variable-Interest Mortgage: The initial interest rate is the same as the fixed-interest mortgage but, the interest rate is renewed quarterly, semi-annually or annually, based on the inflation rate or other economic developments, at the option of the bank, but which must be predefined initially.  There is also a Decreasing Interest Rate version of the Variable Interest Mortgage.  To use this product, bank charges a service fee.  This service fee is for one-off, not recurrent.  Some banks declare the interest rate to be used for each year, in advance, and may pre-determine the installments to be paid for each year, according to the maturity period that a consumer choose to use. 

What Are The Necessary Conditions To Establish A Company In TRNC?

The conditions of the establishment of a business in TRNC are dependent on the objective of the company. If company's objective is related with properties, company cannot be audited by non-citizens of Cyprus and majority of company's shareholders and managers can not be constituted with foreign-national people.

In TRNC, a company can be established in one or two weeks. The necessary documents to establish a company in TRNC are as follows;

Articles of Partnership or Agreement: They must be prepared by a Solicitor in Turkish, which will also contain the objectives of the company.

Company's Incorporation Documents: They must be prepared by a Solicitor.

Photocopy of the passport of each foreign partner: The original of the passport must be seen by competent authorities of TRNC, and if not possible, copy of the passport must be submitted to TRNC Embassy in their home countries.

Photocopy of the passport of each foreign manager: Managers must obtain from Ministry of Interior or Police Department in their home countries a certificate proving that they have no criminal records.

Certificate must be attested by the TRNC Consulate or Embassy in their home countries. In case of foreign managers, a deposit of TRY 10,000, equivalent to £4.000, will be required, which will remain blocked for 18 months, to be kept in a bank account at the TRNC, for the company not to assume any tax obligations. Once this sum is deposited, then a certificate will be obtained from the bank and submitted to TRNC Tax Office, and then an equivalent certificate to be obtained from Tax Office will be submitted to the company registration office in TRNC.

According to the laws of Cyprus, the capital share of a foreign partner must be fully paid-in at the establishment date of the company. Minimum capital share for the companies in TRNC amounts to approx. $100.000. This sum must be retained as a deposit in bank account in TRNC and remain blocked until establishment or merger of the company. When the sum is deposited, a certificate will be obtained from the bank and submitted to Company Registration Office in TRNC. The solicitor you hired will assist you during all aforementioned processes.

How Can I Render Financial & Official Transactions Valid in North Cyprus?

While it is not mandatory to hire a solicitor to render financial and official transactions valid and follow-up them, but strictly recommended. Solicitor charges a fee for following up procedures at local government offices. Also, he/she reviews sales contracts with a view to ensure them legal and valid.

What is Solicitors Fee on Average in North Cyprus?

Solicitors generally charge GBP 1000 to 1300 for sales contract and GBP 300 for permit.  This fee includes all applications necessary to start living in Cyprus.  In addition, solicitors assist in ensuring validity and legality of the transactions. 

How Can I Become a Licensed Realtor in North Cyprus?

According to TRNC Ministry of Interior, the following conditions must be met for a realtor license:

1- To be a citizen of TRNC

2- To be at least 21 years-old

3- To have at least a high school degree or equivalent

4- Not having been convicted of imprisonment for more than 1 year, or due to the infamous crime such as bribery, theft, swindling, forgery, fraud, rape, and fraudulent bankruptcy, etc.

5- Not being a subject of check prohibition in the last two years.

6- Having a tax clearance certificate issued by Revenue and Tax Office

7- Not married to or have a first degree of kinship with an officer of any Title Deed Office


What are the Advantages of Investing in North Cyprus?

You can find the advantages of investing in North Cyprus in the "Investment in Cyprus" section under the "Investment Guide" tab.

What are the Some Tips of Investing in Properties in North Cyprus?

Before investing in the properties, it is of benefit to consider the factors that determine the prices of properties. One of them is the factor of city center.  A property located in a city center is always advantageous due to the closeness to the government offices, social activities, etc. and time saving thanks to this proximity.  Second factor is the human psychology and the fashion trends created by this psychology.  Accordingly, it is possible to see that cities are developing and modernizing towards West and the new generation also follows this trend.  Namely, proximity to city center and expansion towards west are important factors that drive the price differences.  Therefore, it will be profitable to invest in the trendy locations, considering said factors.

What is the Seasonal Effect in Property Purchases in North Cyprus?

There are two seasons where purchase and sales are at higher levels in the property market of TRNC.

Period covering the Spring and Summer Months;   

From March to the mid of July, it is observed that young people who prepares for marriage purchase villa or apartment in TRNC.  Young people who will get married select their new houses or apartments and starts settling in there 2.5-3 months before the marriage date. 

In this period, lands draw a high level of demand, since Cypriot Turks living in England show a high level of interest due to their summer holiday.  

Period covering the September to December; 

An increase in the property purchase is observed from September, when schools open, until the mid of December when New Year eve preparations began.  Especially, demand gets higher to the properties such as apartment, house, villa and land as well as rental villa and apartment in Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta.  In this period, foreign property investors also show higher levels of interest. 

What is the Cost of a Building in TRNC?

The construction costs in North Cyprus are around 500 Pound on average, but may increase depending on the quality of the building materials to be used during the construction, and requested extras.