Values and Principles

The reason behind AKOL Group’s achieved success in all fields of activity is the uncompromised dedication to our values and principles since day one.

The AKOL Way

We know how difficult it is achieve and maintain success in highly competitive industries. As AKOL Group, we owe our consistent growth and progress to satisfying our customers’ needs without compromising our values and principles since day one, offering only the best at the right prices without sacrificing quality.

Since 2005, we have contributed to the TRNC’s economy and urbanization in all of our fields of activity without compromising our values and principles. We continue our efforts to be one of the top construction companies in Northern Cyprus by doing what we do best, to create and invest without losing sight of our principles and values.



As one of the most respected construction companies in Northern Cyprus which has signed and delivered many successful projects, AKOL Group doesn’t just expect your trust, but earns it with guarantees from the most respectable banks while keeping processes completely transparent. Need proof? Just take a look at our collection of successfully delivered projects or ask one of the thousands of satisfied customers.



Since starting out in the construction sector in 2005, AKOL Group has gained invaluable experience that has transformed the company into a strong local and international competitor. With its visionary and expert staff, the company has successfully overcome an assortment of challenging projects. It is no surprise that AKOL Group stands out from the rest in every way, thanks to an expert team ‘in tune’ with and ‘in the know’ of local dynamics.



At AKOL Group, we deliver on what we promise. At every stage of the process, you will be fully informed on the project’s pros and cons, insightful predictions, and its status. AKOL Group provides transparent and accurate information by fully considering your needs, whether for investment purposes or your personal enjoyment.



In design projects, AKOL Group adopts the principle of working only with the best in the field, from construction to interior design. In doing so, we minimize your cause for concerns and complaints both during the construction process and after-sales. It’s not rocket-science to know that high-quality products lead to happy customers.


Respect for People, Nature, and Life

The world is at a turning point where the destruction of nature is a vital issue in need of rapid solutions across all sectors. AKOL Group, with ‘life’ at the heart of every service and project to its name, guarantees processes that are environmentally friendly and takes necessary precautions not to harm or spoil nature through the use of latest technologies.



We consider the local and global effects on the sustainability of our planet as well as the sustainability of the projects we design. Our team conducts comprehensive studies on the current and future effects of our projects in the region. Our goal is to create sustainability for not just our projects, but also the regions in which we invest.



Technology makes such a difference to our daily life by expanding our comfort zones and fast forwarding us into the future. One of our cardinal principles is to adapt to these changes and make them available to our customers. We maximize comfort in daily life by using every possible amenity provided by technology and innovation in all of the projects we design.



Northern Cyprus is fast becoming a country where real estate investments are gaining value thanks to the 120,000+ university students and over 1 million tourists visiting each year. As AKOL Group, we focus on projects that increase the brand value of Northern Cyprus and the profits of its investors through the real estate investment options we have to offer.



Every project starts with a dream. When designing this dream project, we first take into consideration the development of the region and the conservation of nature while satisfying the needs and wants of our customers. Making the occupational safety of our staff a priority, each project aims to substantially contribute to the economy of North Cyprus.


Generating Solutions

We appreciate and respect that the needs and priorities of each individual vary from time to time. As AKOL Group, we try and empathise with our customers and do our best to develop alternatives to ensure that all of our customers are happy and satisfied.



We believe honesty, sincerity, and empathy are indispensable in healthy communication. As AKOL Group, we cherish these basic values in every line of communication we establish. We help you prioritize your needs prior to your purchase and provide transparent information at all stages along the way, helping you align reality with your expectations.


Customer Satisfaction

As AKOL Group, the key to our success is our happy customers. Through our completed projects, not only have we elevated the quality of life and comfort of our customers, but we have also met their highest expectations, resolved their requests and problems with the help of our customer services team who continue to provide after-sales assistance.

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