Akol Group of Companies | NORTH CYPRUS
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TRNC is located on 3.355 km2 of land on north of the island. Located on the east of Mediterranean Sea.The nearest countries are Turkey 70 km north, Syria 100 km east, Lebanon and Israel 170 km south, Egypt 370 km south and Greece 950 north-west

North Cyprus is divided into 5 territories administratively. There are mainly 6 settlements: Lefkoşa, Gazimagosa, Girne, Güzelyurt, Lefke and İskele.



Cyprus has typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are dry and hot and the winters are generally rainy and warm. Spring and autumns are warm and nice. Average temperature during summer months are over 30C (90F) and during coldest months over 10C (50 F).


Average sea temperature is 24C between May and October. Beaches of North Cyprus have all the facilities, which are restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, as well as sunshades and other necessities. Best sand beaches are located on Famagusta and Karpaz area. Also, there are so many activities such as waterslide, water banana, ringo, jet ski, parachuting, surfing and more.


Without any additional payment, you can have tourist visa with your passport and live in North Cyprus for 3 months.


North Cyprus is growing slowly but steadily since the 1980’s. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that Tourism is one of the sectors with highest return ratios in Mediterranean Area.

Free market economy, English way of trade and law, validity of international currencies make North Cyprus as an attractive investment point.

Area: 3,355 km2
Population: 294,906(2013)
Capital: Lefkoşa
Important Cities: Lefkoşa, Girne, Mağusa, Güzelyurt, İskele, Lefke
Currency: Turkish Lira
Official Language: Turkish. English is widely spoken.
Traffic: Runs on the left.