As AKOL, where are you based and in which regions are you active?

AKOL is based in Famagusta and it is mostly active in this region.

You can have a detailed overview about our projects in our website under ‘Projects’.

What type of housing do you build?

AKOL builds apartments, residences, villas and all other types of housing and buildings.

How can I find out about pricing and payment plans?

Our sales representatives will be happy to welcome you at our main building to inform you about the prices and the payment plans.

Are there additional charges and costs?

There is a 5% VAT in addition to the sale price, that needs to be paid on the date that the purchaser takes possession of the property.

There is a 6% title fee that needs to be paid by the purchaser on the day of the title handover. There is a 3% reduction for first time purchasers.

There are also municipality charges for water and sewage registration and subscriptions.

The purchaser also pays the subscription charges for electricity.

What services are included under complex (condo/condominium) charges?

The general maintenance services of common spaces within condominiums and apartment blocks are charged under monthly maintenance service charges.

Is it possible to make choices of selection of materials to be used when we buy an apartment or villa?

It is possible to make such choices in our projects. You are welcome at our Main Office to discuss the selection possibilities with our Sales Representatives and After-sale Representatives.

What are the opening times for your Sales Offices?

Always… Our Sales Representatives are at your service all day long through their mobile phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers.

Is it possible for me to buy a property for my child under my custody?

Yes, it is possible.

Are the roofs in your buildings insulated against heat, water and noise?

Yes, they are properly insulated.

What are my rights in the case of delayed completion and delayed key handover?

You need to read carefully the contract of sale and technical specifications when you purchase property.

When is the title deed prepared and what are the procedures?

Every property has a title deed. When the purchaser pays the full amount of the sale price s/he takes the full possession of the property.

What are the advantages of owning property in North Cyprus?

Owning property in Northern Cyprus is a very good investment as it provides high value and return of investment. North Cyprus has a strategic place. It offers desirable and equal conditions for foreign investors. Also, it offers a Mediterranean lifestyle.

What are the different types of title deeds in North Cyprus?
  1. Ownership right (foreign owned of pre-1974 Turkish title deed)
  2. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Title Deed
  3. Leased immovable property
How can foreign nationals purchase property in North Cyprus?

Through special permission of the Council of Ministers.

Under the laws of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), non-TRNC Citizens are entitled to purchase one dwelling or one.

What is used in North Cyprus as heating systems?

In North Cyprus, we have sunshine 10 months of the year.

The common methods of household heating are LPG gas heaters and AC electricity. In addition, there are central heating systems.

If I buy land, can you help me at the architectural design and construction stages?

Yes, we are happy to provide you architectural design and construction services.

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