“AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” was founded in 2005 with an entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit to offer services and structures that satisfy the people’s needs and improve their quality of life, while placing particular focus upon continuous self-improvement.


Having made its start in business with the construction industry, “AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” developed itself into a diversified Group of Companies in a short span of time by expanding its field of activity to include build-and-sell, real estate and property investment, tourism investments, free port trade, pharmaceutical warehouse, and maintenance service. In the course of years, “AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” has accomplished a large variety of projects in Northern Cyprus reaching from several turn-key mass housing projects to shop, residence and infrastructure projects, and from tourism
investments to international trading.


This rapid growth achieved in 14 years has turned into stability  over time, and ”AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” has attained a place among the most reputable and reliable companies of the construction industry.


Today, our company is providing employment for 650 people including  a technical and administrative workforce of more than 35 employees,  while it has been making considerable contribution to national economy with its ever-increasing capital, equipment pool, and trade deals.


With its people-oriented sense of responsibility coupled with its  venturesome and dynamic structure, “AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES”  has made its largest investments in its homeland Northern Cyprus and  has won the people’s trust and approval by virtue of its outstanding  achievements, which have helped the company to shine amongst other leading distinguished companies of Cyprus to rank among the country’s top establishments.


“AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” aims to continue its growth by  reinforcing its corporate structure with expert labor force even further, making use of the opportunities offered by a modern understanding of management, and contributing to national economy. With its well-proven construction experience in Cyprus, along with its expert staff and well-organized teamwork that have been the fundaments of the company’s brilliant sense of project management,


“AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” has been taking firm steps towards its high set targets, always acting with an eye to procure quality materials from all over the world in timely and cost-efficient manner with the  help of technologic opportunities which the company makes use of in all its activities from preparing offers to procuring materials.


Our vision is to serve the human race with our inspiring projects making use of state-of-the-art technology accompanied by a  mentality that protects the environment while relying on universal  values in today’s globalizing world where the boundaries get blurred with each passing day, with the awareness that a country’s strength and dignity takes its roots from the quality of its society, family, and individual.

Prerequisites of our vision are to provide “HUMAN” and “LIFE”  oriented services with a corporate sense of quality built on the  fundaments of modern technology, expert human resources and technical know-how, through the adoption and implementation of an investment policy that is shaped on the basis of principles of pioneering and creating difference, while ensuring our
sustainability as a group of companies that is trustworthy in every  aspect.


Our mission is to act with the awareness that  profitability in the long term is possible only through quality, to contribute in any circumstance to the development of the industries and economy in which the company conducts business, to grow with an investor identity by transfusing its knowledge and know-how to different business areas comprising significant projects that provide
social and economic benefit.



The brands and values of “AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” are an alliance of values that we add to our society through our contributions to our customers and business partners in the sectors we operate, along with everything we protect, develop and re-create. In this scope, we commit ourselves to:

Use all the resources available to us in line with the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers,

Implement our projects in harmony with the environmental, historical and cultural texture of the city,

Produce living spaces that suit the values of the community by fulfilling the architectural requirements of the era with our administrative,

Technical and administrative staff,

Serve to improve and develop the society’s living standards,

Merge our principles, technology, correct solutions partners, use of quality materials, meticulous architectural and engineering services in a melting pot and put them into practice in our projects,

Create new fields of employment through our policy of continuous productivity, thereby contributing to economy,

Support urban transformation projects to preclude unplanned and shanty settlements, and Build safe living spaces in view of both natural disasters and public order.


Produce fast at high quality, add value to life.

Protect the natural texture, respect life.

Ensure service continuity, support life.

Be the architect of life, not buildings.


As a company that contributes to national economy, is aware of its social responsibilities, and adopts an environment-friendly approach while building living spaces, our quality and environmental policy is to;

– Adhere to architectural requirements, applicable standards, technical specifications, administrative and legislative regulations, construction techniques, the art of construction, and earthquake regulations,

– Be a close follower of technology, and make use of it in our products and productions,

– Pay attention to the needs and expectations of customers to maintain excellent customer satisfaction,

– Deliver our products on the promised deadline,

– Prepare and implement required training programs for our employees in accordance with the importance we attach to the quality of well-trained human resources at all levels, and

– Comply with applicable laws and regulations to ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees which we acknowledge as our most important in-house resource.


Given the current situation of today’s living conditions, corporations have great responsibilities to maintain social welfare as part of their awareness of social responsibility. The corporate sensitivities shown towards basic vital phenomena such as environment, health, education and economy play an important role in increasing the level of social welfare.

Acting in line with this point of view, “AKOL GROUP OF COMPANIES” has been generating and implementing projects of diverse social content for many individual sportsmen, team sports, the environment, and schools.


Nowadays, there is a transition from personnel management to human resources management in both private and public corporations. While personnel management is seen as administrative and technical tasks such as recruitment, dismissal, archiving and payrolling, new missions requiring a higher level of expertise have arisen within the scope of human resources management as result of the understanding that the human being is the most valuable capital for enterprises. In this context, we as Akol Group of Companies have been providing all kinds of social rights and opportunities to our employees.

The personnel employed at our companies consist of females to 55% and males to 45%.

We have been admitting apprentice students to relevant departments in collaboration with universities during summer season. Thus, we are trying to make them gain work experience before they start their new work life.


– We are honest.

– We are friendly.

– We are reliable.

– We are experienced.

– We are respectful.

– We investigate.

– We produce.

– We apply.

– We develop.

– We solve.

– We pay attention to customer satisfaction.

– We communicate.

– We empathize.

– We create awareness.

– We attach importance to timing.

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